There are lots of companies offering flatbed trucking services but it is important to find the right one to partner with. That is where Agility Freight Brokerage & Logistics comes in. Our vast network of carriers gives us the flexibility to choose the right trailer for your load because every flatbed shipment is unique.

Many companies are challenged when it comes to visibility of your shipments and eliminating unexpected costs. But Agility Freight uses satellite technology to track your loads, so you will always know the exact location of your freight. Moreover, we utilize an experienced network of carriers that can anticipate and prevent problems before they occur.

Our knowledgeable team of professionals are all on hand to service you and exceed your expectations.

A Message Regarding COVID-19

A Message Regarding COVID-19

To our clients and partners,

As we navigate the unchartered waters of the COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners remain our top priority. We are committed to following CDC guidelines to slow the spread of this disease. We are closely monitoring conditions in our local communities as well as in the countries we operate in and remain fully operational.

We thank healthcare workers, who are on the frontlines, for their commitment and tireless efforts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to families impacted by the pandemic.

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