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When it comes to Agility Freight, our enterprise is comprised of large-scale transportation experts, freight pilots, and supply chain project managers. The company’s tight-knit leadership team is uniquely adept at amassing a streamlined qualified carrier network to help our customers avoid chargebacks, rejections and claims.

Our proprietary TMS have given our clients full visibility into their loads, prompting them to have real time dialogue with Agility staff to address issues on the spot. This strategic approach provides Agility with advantageous avenues to tap in to the speed of change in supply chain.

This is why we remain the broker of choice when it comes to flexibility and adaptability to help us retain our competitive edge, even in the midst of market shifts. It is through this advantage that we are outpacing competitors by employing out-of-the-box and innovative thinking that positions us ahead of the curve.

Agility is committed to answerable and adroit business practices that produce positive, meaningful and effective outcomes for the globe at large. When it comes to being “green-conscious,” we are fervently driven by our passion for protecting our planet. When we come together for the common good, ordinary people can make extraordinarily sustaining impacts on our planet. Every shipment is driven by the motivation to be green and to stay green as we coalesce with our partners with global green initiatives.

This is why Agility has become the Broker of choice:

We care deeply that we have an environment where clean air and a consciousness for the environment is paramount. Therefore, we will do our part to contribute innovative ideas for the best solutions in this effort. We also believe in the transparency of our efforts and that we will align with those who share our vision to employ greater efforts for global change. As such, three of our core values bolded in our statement below represent this belief:

We Care deeply for the environment and know that through Innovation of thought, technology, and action, we will hold the key to accomplishing effective change for staying green. When we honor and value the spirit of Transparency, all our efforts combined will position us to realize our goal.

We are known for our

Reliability: We make promises we will certainly keep and there isn’t a freight quoted that we will not move. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the full transparency and continuous access to your shipping investments and performance.


Quality: We care about quality. It is a part of the fabric of our values. We are committed to measuring ourselves against our own internal and external compliance industry standards that will validate we are living up to our statement of quality and that we continue to keep the highest level of effectiveness of our quality management initiatives. Every initiative towards quality means Agility is focused on its clients for operational excellence and growth. Only then, will be assured an environment of trust and sustainability.


Customer Service: There is no Agility without our customers and this mobilizes us to take a vested approach with our clients. Therefore, we are not afraid to champion actions through policies and procedures that will help us sustain meaningful and long-term relationships to keep our clients satisfied. We believe that when we continuously listen to, and act upon our customers’ needs, we are developing a continuous awareness to quality that will enable us to measure ourselves and adjust for complete customer excellence.

Customer service competence

Continuous Improvement: Agility applies lean continuous improvement methodologies throughout our operation to drive efficiency, visibility and productivity. Some use cases where we leverage lean concepts include shipper on-boarding, agent on-boarding, order entries, and even billing workflows, just to name a few. Our roadmap for improvement allows us to closely monitor our performance and eliminate waste between customer need and customer satisfaction. Our roadmap for improvement allows us to closely monitor our performance and eliminate gaps between customer need and customer satisfaction.

We promote a culture that embraces the continuous improvement mindset by being people-focused, monitoring processes, developing and implement an effective logistics strategy, leveraging technology and being agile in everything we do.

Continuous Improvement Loop

Technology: Our business model is supported by a best-in-class technology platform that supports our “agility” when it comes to delivering value to our customers. We leverage technology to digitally match freight to carriers, efficiently track loads and automate invoicing. Here are just a few of the benefits you get from partnering with Agility Freight:

  • On-demand shipping quotes.
  • A robust rating engine that intelligently selects the best rate for our shippers while remaining profitable for our carriers.
  • Shippers can efficiently retrieve reports and track loads directly from our user-friendly customer portal or via real time integration.
  • Push notifications to carriers and shippers.
  • An encryption-ready platform to protect customer’s sensitive data

green initiatives

A Message Regarding COVID-19

A Message Regarding COVID-19

To our clients and partners,

As we navigate the unchartered waters of the COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners remain our top priority. We are committed to following CDC guidelines to slow the spread of this disease. We are closely monitoring conditions in our local communities as well as in the countries we operate in and remain fully operational.

We thank healthcare workers, who are on the frontlines, for their commitment and tireless efforts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to families impacted by the pandemic.

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